Training (At Local Park, In-home, or Gym)

Training (At Local Park, In-home, or Gym)

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Due to COVID-19, we have been applying appropriate social distancing measures and meeting with members at their personal residence or a nearby local park for 1-on-1, socially distanced, physical training sessions.  

Each program purchase includes:

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Strength evaluation
  • DEXA body scan discount (through our affiliate vendor) 
  • Exercise program 
  • Individual 1-on-1 physical training sessions



  • 8 sessions for $750 = $93.75 per session
  • 16 sessions for $1,200 = $75 per session
  • 24 sessions for $1,650 =  $68.75 per session
  • 48 sessions for $3,120 = $65 per session


**** PLEASE NOTE ****

  • We offer on site training sessions at our gym in Sunnyvale, Smash Gyms for an additional $20 per session (select Gym Training below).
  • For mobile training sessions over 15 miles or 20 minutes (travel time) from our respective trainer's departing location, an extra surcharge of $20-30 per session will be added to the package price at the time of purchase.  This is done in order to compensate our trainers fairly for their travel time.