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Personal Training Simplified

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Personal Training Simplified

The Body Transformation Process (How It Works)

Step #1 – You schedule an initial consultation to meet with our team.  Here we collaborate with you to gather all necessary information to kickstart the transformation process: your strengths, weaknesses, medical history, work schedule, barriers to success, and fitness goals.


Step #2 – After mapping out your “picture perfect" outcome, we begin to build.  Our team will customize an exercise program and/or nutrition program for you to follow.


Step #3Commitment and program initiation.  At this point we are completely committed to your success.  You show up for 1-on-1 training sessions where we guide you through correct lifting technique and ensure you are consistently engaged.  Together we embark on a direct and sustainable path to deliver results.


Step #4Your progress is continuously monitored by our staff.  You have full access to team members via: regular follow up appointments with our registered dietitian, feedback and adjustments on programs, prompt online correspondence, educational resources, and virtual meetings.


SVNP offers training solutions regardless of your situation -- there is no excuse for not getting in shape! We will train with you in the gym, at your home, outdoors, or online (virtual coaching).

Our Mission

Our mission is to help others become the best version of themselves.  We believe that you will never realize your full potential until you put yourself through the wringer and test your limits.  

Yet taking the first step and getting into the gym is a daunting task.  What do you eat?  Out of the millions of online "proven systems" out there, which program do you follow? 

Well, it depends.

At SVNP we recognize that every person, body, and soul is different.  Our primary purpose is to guide you through your own individual fitness journey.  We eliminate the guesswork by creating you a personalized road map to achieve your goals.

This is not a "get 6-pack abs in 2 weeks" formula.  SVNP is a lifestyle commitment.  

It all starts with the decision of who you want to be.  We are not saying it will be easy, we are saying it will be worth it.  

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