Increasing your protein intake is an important part of optimizing performance and recovery during a resistance training program.  For plant-based eaters, this often means an incidental increase in calories, which may or may not be desired.  Legumes pack about fifteen grams of protein per cup, but also a decent amount of starch.  Tofu, nuts, and seeds all contain protein, but also have various amounts of fat coming along for the ride.  And mushrooms truly don't have much protein at all - many of us are still wondering how they became known as a substitute for high-protein foods in plant-based meals (white button mushrooms have about three grams of protein per cup).  At the end of the day, a common struggle for plant-based eaters is balancing a high-protein meal without completely blowing your calorie budget.  In this new and innovative world, more types of high-protein, plant-based foods are being developed to provide a tasty resolution to this problem.  Enter mycoprotein - a fungi-derived, plant-based, high-protein food.  Mycoprotein is derived from a fungus, Fusarium venenatum.  A small amount of the fungi is used to ferment carbohydrates into a food product.  Quorn has been perfecting its mycoprotein recipe since the 1980s, and now has many varieties of mycoprotein food products to choose from - some are vegetarian (contain egg whites) and some are vegan.  All of them pack an impressive amount of protein, about seventeen grams per one cup, while only containing about three grams of fat.  Quorn products are low in saturated fat, low in sodium, and also contain a decent amount of fiber. They are easily cooked with a flavorful pasta sauce like marinara, and then paired with veggies and a starch of your choice for a healthy, balanced meal.  Different varieties of Quorn foods contain different common allergens such as egg, milk, and gluten - so be sure to read each package carefully if you have food allergies or intolerances.  Next time you are participating in "Meatless Monday" consider trying out one of Quorn's many mycoprotein food products as a high-protein, low-fat meat substitute.


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