Hummus is one of those foods that is difficult to put back in the fridge after you’ve opened it.  The nutrition label tells us a serving size is two tablespoons, which is hard to believe considering that’s about as much as most of us put on a single piece of pita bread.  While composed of similar ingredients, not all hummus is nutritionally similar.  Most types of hummus contain different proportions of: chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt.  While some brands have slight variations in seasonings and spices, there is one brand that has broken the mold.  CAVA keeps the most crucial ingredients, yet removes the added oil.  It seems like the obvious solution to the density problem, but very few have gone this route.  Almost as though there is something forcing the hand of chefs everywhere when they pour half the bottle of olive oil into the food processor as they concoct their proprietary blend of hummus.  Chickpeas, and tahini have plenty of fat by themselves to keep the texture smooth.  And it’s not creative to improve the flavor profile of foods by drowning them in oil.  If you like the flavor of olives, simply slice some up and add them as a garnish.  Switching over to CAVA hummus from your average commercial hummus is a no-brainer for managing calories, and for maintaining the satisfaction we all get from excavating a heaping scoop out of the hummus dish onto your baby carrots  One serving of CAVA has only 2.5 grams of fat, in comparison to most commercial hummus which has ~5 grams of fat. This makes the calories per serving almost half of commercial hummus.  And CAVA contains less sodium (90mg per serving) than most other brands.  Enjoy hummus as a snack with freshly chopped veggies, or mix it into pasta for an added creamy texture. However you like it, you should give yourself the extra hummus you deserve by simply switching brands to CAVA.  


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