Shelf-stable foods can be a great back-up plan when you run out of cooked or prepped foods midweek.  KashiGO cereals are a solid, high protein addition to your cabinet for the times when you need to throw something together in a jiff.  It is by no means a “low-calorie food” but it can certainly be a part of a reasonably balanced meal.  KashiGO cereals come in many different flavors, ranging from Chocolate Crunch, to the SVNP favorite Cinnamon Crisp.  Each one has its own macronutrient profile, but in general they range from a 1:1 to a 1:2 fat to protein ratio.  And the majority of them have about 40 grams total carb, with about 10 grams fiber per cup.  This will deliver about 250 calories per cup, give or take - so be sure to portion out your desired amount and then put the box away (lest you end up eating the whole thing in one sitting!).  Pair 1 cup KashiGO cereal with 1 cup nonfat Greek Yogurt (plant-based yogurts work well also), 1 cup fresh berries, and 1 tablespoon chia seeds for a quick-prep, high protein, high fiber meal.  KashiGO cereals will not be suitable for those with soy or wheat/gluten allergies, however they are plant-based and suitable for vegan eaters.  Dig through KashiGO cereal varieties and see if there is a flavor that suits your preferences.


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