One of the unfortunate realities of trying to manage calories is having to miss out on flavorful sauces.  Many of them are oil-based, or loaded with sugar, making it difficult to include them without overshooting your targets.  It’s not often you come across a calorie free sauce that actually hits the spot.  Yo Mama’s BBQ Sauce has a smoky flavor, with a zesty kick, and a hint of sweetness delivered by the monk fruit sweetener.  The consistency is a little thinner than your average Sweet Baby Ray’s variety, but thick enough to provide the added texture you are looking for from a sauce.  And given that it is calorie-free, I generally have no problem dumping half the bottle on a sandwich.  Aside from being calorie-free, the sauce only has 75mg sodium per tablespoon, giving you the capability of managing your sodium intake as well.  Yo Mama’s BBQ Sauce is vegan, gluten-free, keto friendly, and paleo friendly - making it an easy winner for nearly everyone.  Yo Mama’s goes well on just about anything. Most commonly we recommend it on sandwiches, burritos, scrambles, and veggie roasts - especially for those trying to mask the flavor of your veggies.




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